Replica Guns

The Armoury’s collection of replica guns, all dating from pre-1869, include replica pistols & revolvers, flintlocks, replica rifles, Colts, Remington’s and much more.

All replica guns have moving parts and are made to the highest standards with intricate detailing. They are entirely decorative and incapable of firing. Popular brands include Denix and Way of The Warrior.



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<![CDATA[Winchester Rifle (1866)]]>

RRP £234.95
<![CDATA[Winchester Rifle Solid Brass Trim (1866)]]>

RRP £244.95
<![CDATA[3 Barrel Revolving Flintlock Pistol, France 18th C.]]>

RRP £64.95
<![CDATA[London Blunderbuss Pistol (18th Century)]]>

RRP £59.95
<![CDATA[Flintlock rifle France 1807]]>

RRP £154.95
Flintlock Dueling Pistol

Flintlock Dueling Pistol

RRP £94.95 Was £84.95
Now £71.96
<![CDATA[MG 34 Machine Gun Germany 1942 (WWII)]]>

RRP £479.95
Flintlock Pocket Pistol - Ivory Handle 1798
Battle Axe, France 15Th. C.

Battle Axe, France 15Th. C.

RRP £59.95 Was £49.95
Now £44.96
<![CDATA[Gold Revolving 3 Barrel Flintlock Pistol, France 18Th. C.]]>

RRP £74.95

All replicas are made to the highest standards with moving parts and intricate detailing. Please not that they are solely decorative and not capable of firing.

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