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Conquerors of the ancient world, it is often believed that the Romans had superior weaponry to their adversaries, however, this was not always the case. We, however, have placed the utmost importance on the accuracy and authenticity of our Ancient Roman Weapons, ensuring that the famous Roman Legion's dagger (pugio) or Helmet from our European Suppliers live up to greatest Roman mythology while remaining true to their origin and better than anyone we come up against.


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Once feared throughout the world, the Roman Army, at it's largest, was made up of 450,000 soldiers (some estimates go up to over 1 million) and most of these soldiers we kitted out in an established manner. The Roman Military personal equipment would've changed significantly over the centuries of that they were feared but certain weapons remained part of their armoury on a consistent basis. 

  1. Swords (Gladius & Spatha): The Gladius, although it could refer to any sword, the Gladius specifically referred to the short sword used by Roman Legionnaires and is dated to the early seventh century. The Spatha was a longer sword and used predominantly by auxiliary units from the third century. Our roman swords are sourced from John Barnett who pride themselves on delivering museum quality and authenticity on their range of swords.
  2. Daggers (Pugio): The pugio was a dagger used by Roman soldiers, usually in close-quarter combat. It was most probably carried like a sidearm and like most legionary equipemnt underwent some changed during the 1st century after originating from the Iberian peninsula. Both our Daggers and our Roman armour are sourced from Denix, Europes premier manufacturer of replica militaria.
  3.  Armour: From the Helmet to the shield, a Roman soldier was instantly recognisable and feared. The design of a Roman helmet changed over the centuries. In the early years, it was based on an Etruscan design for the Marian reforms where two helmets were used. This ancient armour, a lighter helmet used by the calvalry and a heavier helmet used by the infantary was known as the Coolus Helmet and Weisenau Helmet.